what cultural meaning do hair buns, which are common across

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In your initial Animal Crossing New Horizons Items post you spoke about defending the identity predicated on years of undergoing oppression, which is completely legit. But that's how the event that led to the happened.

It is similar to that movie in which that girl attacks a guy with dreadlocks while stating"stop appropriating my culture" over and over again. People made the very same comments like you did, but the truth is, she didn't give him a very long speech about how she understands that dreadlocks have been shared across the Earth, but she's still sensitive about it seeing white folks with guards, because for a long time black people are told that they're dirty and do not look like real people unless they straighten their hair.

No, instead she was grinning while attacking him was an arrogant piece of shit. If you would like to discuss the nuance of a circumstance, then you've got not be ignorant yourself. The nuance isn't a shield you can just slide under the door once you have acted like a whole bully.

Also, what cultural meaning do hair buns, which are common across the world have in this regard? I am actually reminded of this Chinese dress dilemma, in which twitter bullied a white woman wearing it, to get precisely the same"you do not know the cultural significance" motive, before the genuine Chinese country account on twitter(iirc) told me that it's totally fine and she looks great.

I will start with animal crossing items your last point which is to say I believe the post was specifically speaking about an afro bun. Hence the afro part is what's being appropriated.