I played the demonstration less than the time it required to install

I played the demonstration less than the time it required to install


Its because they don't want you experiencing over and above how garbage it's. Have we attained the generation that never installed demo games from PC magazines? Only ones I've ran into with limits would be 2k this new creation. I have played with a ton of Xbox one demos and haven't ran into any one of them using a NBA 2K MT for sale limit besides 2k. I know EA gives you 8 hours confident but they give you the full game for 8 hours.

Didn't the older demonstration discs just give you like one or two levels to perform ? 35 gigs and you cant even change settings. You cant alter the dribble moves, cant equip contact dunks, the AI fucking triple groups you lmao. They had to copy and paste all the timeout cut cartoons that they induce you to see til 55 seconds left bro lol. It is a patch not a demo. Let's not forget that once you've installed the 35Gb match, it then sits you on a screen you can only shoot until the game is"loaded" for an hour.

I played the demonstration less than the time it required to install. I remember trying the 2k20 demonstration back when it came out last year. It had been around 8gb on Switch. I always assumed it was the foundation game downloading and only grants access to pieces of it. Maybe it'll update into the Prelude.

I began this shit last night gave up 3 hours played Ghost of Tsushima. It can be understood why easily if you think about it for a moment. Though I'm not sure a lot of the people here will know lol. Keep acting like it's impossible to do anything beneath 35gb. It is laziness. Well yeah because the defenders are in your own freaking butt in the three point line. Its ridiculous.

I am just gonna stick with 2k21

I will but I don't know if they will. It really is. They do not provide you an inch of distance and they respond to your moves immediately. Same, dropped 46 but it's the buy NBA 2K MT Coins only real way to score so that it's dull af. If you can shoot, use screens and score which way its not hard, just have to read the defense. Calling screens every drama is not enjoyable. I miss 2k18 when I could blow by them Mfs.