The Mainland Appears to be based mostly on Europe, or the culture of Europe.

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Being a freeplayer, I can only access a small portion of the Runescape Map, so this doesn't really concern me. However, I had been looking at the map today and noticed how small real land was added to the mainland in the past eight(?) Years approximately. This is because there's really no room for expansion. Most of the mainland is surrounded with RS gold water at the moment and Jagex appears to not want to reverse their programming by eliminating the water and placing land within it. They have been able to get around this water barrier using islands to insert new content, but they can only do so for so long without sacrificing the feeling of a mainland.

The Mainland Appears to be based mostly on Europe, or the culture of Europe. Karamja, using its jungles and tribesmen, appears to represent Africa. Right now, it is simply not that. It's too obsolete. For one it's very small, at least compared to mainland. In addition, it lacks actual high level content. When the Legends Quest was introduced could argue it did actually reflect the"heart of darkness" feeling associated with Africa since that was the grand daddy of quests of the moment. But now the finishing the Legends Quest only proves that you are not anything more than an ordinary player and with that Karamja has lost that dark feeling.

Can you believe developers should update particular areas of the map so they can add more content to the mainland and Karamja? Are the problems in doing this too high? It may take a great deal of work, but it will keep obsolete areas exciting and fresh for many high leveled players. Also, there's the Eastern lands. We have been hearing for a while now mostly by means of the bolt rack salesman in Mortyania but little insight is provided on them and it appears uncertain whether they actually exist or will soon be released. Can you think these ever will be released, and if they are released, will they be too big as the mainland?

Finally, Runescape only occurs from the northern hemisphere. The top of OSRS Gold For Sale the map is suspended, such as the north pole, and the base is hot, like the equator. Can we ever see a southern hemisphere? You don't have to answer to every point incidentally, I am just producing some questions for discussion. As for me, I think they should update the mainland and Karamja in order that they can make those areas larger and include more content. I don't know the technical issues that come with this though.